Twilio SMS User Notification

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Twilio SMS User Notification

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Twilio SMS User Notification provides a features in which Admin and Customer can get SMS alert in different events.


Twilio SMS User Notification

Twilio SMS User Notification module provides a feature by which customers as well as multiple Administrators can get notification by text message in different webshop event like new customer registration, new order create, new invoice, creditmemo, shipment, newsletter subscription.

Features & Configuration for Twilio SMS User Notification Module:

1. Full control of the module from the Magento Admin.

2. Admin can create dynamic text template from Webshop Admin for both Administrators and Customer:

Here some predefine custom variables are available by which Admin can create dynamic text message eg: {{firstname}}, {{lastname}} , {{email}}, {{orderno}}, {{invoicno}} etc.

3. Multiple Administrators can get notification:

Admin can allow for send notification message to multiple Administrators by just entering numbers comma separated.

4. Admin can see every notification log:

All sms notification histories stored for both customer and admin with information user type, send date, event name, sender, receiver, customer name, status, result message.  If message not sent then result message will be failed with appropriate reason why that message was not sent so that Admin can rectify that error and also resend that message.

5. Custom notification message to multiple customers from Admin:

Admin have facility to send text notification to multiple customers by just insert comma separated numbers.

6. Feature for Send Custom message to Admin by Customer:

Admin can allow by configuration setting to customers to send custom text message to Administrators.

7. Different templates for customers and  Administrator:

Twilio SMS User Notification module provide a facility to set different text message for Admin and Customers.

Event list for which Customer as well as Admin can notify:

  • Customer Registration Notification
  • Order Success Notification
  • New Invoice Notification
  • Credit Memo Notification
  •  Shipment Notification
  • Newsletter Subscription Success Notification

View Demo:



 Admin Login Details:

Username: demo

Password: demo@123

Extension URL:

Prerequisite for use Twilio SMS User Notification module:

1. Twilio Account SID

2. Auth Token

3. Sender Number registered in Twilio Account

Above listed information you can get by creating account from here:

Twilio account